Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes – Activation Lock Free

Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes
Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes

Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes : Many Apple users search the different forums for solutions for the various problems they have with a locked device, whatever the reason you’re here I want to recommend an effective method to remove any activation lock iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch.

Last Setup to Unlock iPhone

Why do I recommend this alternative?  because I have used it more than 2 times and it has worked successfully for me and so far none of my devices have presented any problems. These servers what they do is: remove iCloud, unlock iPhone IMEI, recover photos deleted by iCloud, change IMEI and restore iPhone from Backup.

This server is available on this website, without so much rodeo let’s see how it works…

How To Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes

To enjoy a permanent unlock, the user must register IMEI of the device on the U.S. or Global server for it to be added to the unlock database.

After the above will send us immediately to the unlock server, being on this server, we must provide the device model and again the IMEI number and give you unlock.

Server Unlock iPhone 6 iTunes

The server takes a timeout of 2 to 3 minutes, as the server performs an Xploit on the device’s system and loads new files, leaving it automatically updated with the latest version of iOS.

Once finished it will show us an option to download backup of the device which if you want you can download it and you can mount it again. The iPhone when it is unlocked restarts immediately.

Upload Backup

To load the backup that the server created we must download it and place it in a place of the pc, whether document, download, desktop, etc…

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Again we go to the server and we will look for the option that says to load backup without previous credentials, this will open a window where it will ask us the path where the file was saved, click on open and connect the device.

The server starts loading the backup and automatically the server executes the load; just wait 1 minute to finish, in the end it will show us a message that indicates that your copy was mounted correctly and the device restarts again. Once on it will be ready for configuration and with the files it had there.

If you want to use this method, you can see the video tutorial that I leave here about the process and the administration of the server.

Advantages of using Server

1. unlock is remote

2. unlock for life.

3. Carrier network unlock immediately.

4. allows to create backup.

5. Recover files deleted by iCloud.

6. You have full control of the device.

7. Make an automatic draft on the device.